Laura Friedrich Tejero
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Laura Friedrich Tejero

was raised in the South of Spain and moved to Vienna to major in Musical Theatre at the University of Music and Art of Vienna (Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien).
During her studies, she became a part of Ramesh Nair's Sophisticated Showstars Dance Company.

She played Aviat-Trix in THE DROWSY CHAPERONE and Nina Rosario in her own German translation of IN THE HEIGHTS at the Conservatory Theatre. In her 3rd year, Laura got the parts of Annette in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (“Musicalsommer Amstetten”) and Sophie Weber in the musical MOZART! (Vereinigte Bühnen Wien). After her Bachelor's degree, she worked internationally: ARTUS EXCALIBUR at the Felsenbühne Staatz, EVITA (ensemble, Mistress) back at the VBW, WEST SIDE STORY (Consuelo, Rosalia, Anita) at the Sommerfestspiele Schwerin and the State House Opera of Hanover. In between Sondheim and Bernstein, she toured through Germany starring in the role of Heather in Green Day's AMERICAN IDIOT.

Now, she is making her West End debut in the original West End Cast of Gloria Estefan’s ON YOUR FEET at the great Coliseum Theatre in London.

A star in the making!
— 'Musicals' magazine (edition 173)


Tejero proves great vocal qualities in her solo ‚If I can’t have you‘.
— "Blickpunkt Musical“ magazine (edition 78, 05/15)
Laura Friedrich Tejero is still in her third year of university. Her performance in a leading role is truly a gift. She had a great stage presence and very good dancing skills. Her solo ‘If I can’t have you’ was very strong although she could not show her amazing voice at the beginning of the song due to the fact that she was crying in the role.
— "Musical Cocktail" magazine
The challenging role of Anita [West Side Story] was played by Laura Friedrich Tejero. She was a full-blooded femme fatale in ‘America’ and a bitter prosecutor in ‘A boy like that’
— Musicalzentrale (post July 2017)
Emotionally approaching with a high level in voice technique.
— Musicalzentrale (January 2018)
Tejero as “Heather” is soft and strong in one heart beat
— Theaterliebe (May 2018)
Exceptionally remarkable: The Conservatory of Vienna shows the German premiere of IN THE HEIGHTS and I do not know what to admire more: Laura Friedrich Tejero as the translator or as the performer of the role Nina. (…) No matter if in self-doubts or in conflict with the parents, Tejero always finds the right emotions with no exaggerated pathos. Her singing voice leaves nothing to be desired. She is also blessed with facial features that let her stick out of the group, which makes her eligible for both ethnical and conventional leading roles. Never seen a performer like her.
— "Musicals" magazine (edition 173)
Tejero had invented the best story of the class. (…) It is striking of how convincingly she can imitate different accents and dialects. Surprisingly, she is also very talented in rapping, which she has proven with the song ‘Love the way you lie’ by Eminem.
— "Blickpunkt Musical" magazine (edition 83)
Although Tejero only had a short appearance in the show [Drowsy Chaperone], her powerful voice stayed in everybody’s minds.
— "Musical Cocktail" magazine (2014)
MOZART ! The Musical (2016) at Ronacher Theater

MOZART ! The Musical (2016) at Ronacher Theater

Heather, Will’s pregnant girlfriend, lives through insecurity, frustration and the desire to break out of a life without perspective. Tejero acts through this fast development of character very convincingly as much as she convinces the audience with her singing voice.
— Musical Lifestyle (January 2018)
Laura shines with very authentic acting in which the audience can identify itself from the first moment she steps on the stage. Together with the audience, she experiences fear, insecurity and desperation.
— Musicalmuffin Blogspot (January 2018)
Tejero in the role of Heather [American Idiot] is a grand character actress. She achieves to give her role the necessary depth to make every every single word and movement believable.